Frequently Asked Questions

Hypnosis induces a relaxed state of mind known as alpha, which is the same brain wave state we naturally enter into when we take a deep breath and close our eyes. Alpha operates as a bridge between our conscious (beta) and subconscious (theta) minds, allowing us to access and reprogram the unconscious material held in our subconscious. The four brainwave states are beta (14-30 Hz), alpha (7-14 Hz), theta (3-7 Hz), and delta (0.5-3 Hz). Beta is our active, awake state; alpha is a light relaxation and beginning hypnosis state; theta is the meditation, deep hypnosis and lucid dreaming state; and delta is the deep sleep, healing state. With hypnosis, we have the opportunity to access our subconscious mind and modify our behaviour and beliefs and instant health recovery.


The fee for a past life regression session is $375 and payment must be made in advance. Payment can be made either through a bank transfer or in cash at the time of the session. If you cancel your appointment at least 2 days in advance, you will receive a full refund.

Past life regression can lead to greater self-awareness, clarity and understanding of current life issues. This technique uses hypnosis to access the higher self and can provide powerful insights with the highest intention to promote wellbeing. Hypnosis is a safe, relaxing state in which you are in full control and fully conscious.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, or QHHT, is a hypnosis method that allows individuals to connect with their higher self, which is often referred to as the all-knowing part of ourselves. Despite being disconnected from our past lives and our soul upon incarnating on Earth, QHHT offers people from all walks of life, cultures, religions, and belief systems an opportunity to access their higher self, which resides beyond the conscious mind.

Through QHHT, people can identify and address mental and physical ailments that may be rooted in trauma from past lives or connected to lessons being learned in their present life. By accessing the higher self, the root cause of these issues can be revealed, and the higher self will provide guidance and assistance according to each person’s unique lessons.

our higher self is the ultimate decision-maker in a past life regression, working always with your best interests in mind. It will never present more than you can handle and is unceasingly focused on helping you progress in life. Through hypnosis, you can access your higher self and gain powerful insights with the aim of promoting wellbeing. Hypnosis is a safe and calming state that always keeps you in control.

The higher self, also known as the subconscious, holy spirit, inner being, true self, over-soul, or super-conscious, is a part of our soul that did not incarnate into our physical body. The soul is composed of two parts: the lower self, which is the part that incarnates and learns through experience, and the higher self, which is the all-knowing, all-loving, non-physical aspect of ourselves that transcends space and time. Regardless of the name used to describe it, the higher self is the same for everyone.

The higher self has access to information about our past lives and the plan we made before incarnating, including the lessons we wished to learn, the karma we needed to work out, and the people with whom we intended to connect. It communicates with us through feelings, intuition, ideas, urges, and thoughts, inspiring us to follow the path of joy and succeed in our life plan. This connection to the higher self cannot be broken, but it can fade into the background due to the external focus of our everyday lives.

To re-establish this internal connection, various methods can be employed, such as meditation, nature walks, creative expression, or QHHT past life regression. When we allow the guidance of our higher self into our lives, everything becomes more joyful, natural, and blissful because we are aligning ourselves with the part of us that loves us unconditionally.

Not at all, but it does help. I have guided people to see their past lives even when they don’t personally believe in reincarnation. You only need to have an open heart, be curious, and be willing to learn.

To prepare for a session, it is recommended that you drink plenty of water and consume healthy foods. Additionally, it is best to avoid drinking coffee beforehand. It is also advised to practice meditation and grounding to ensure the best possible experience. An open-minded approach, free of expectations, is also beneficial. When we release ourselves from preconceived notions, we allow the experience to unfold naturally, which can often lead to unexpected, positive outcomes.


The Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) posits that our subconscious beliefs, including traumatic events from our past lives and childhood, can give rise to life issues, mental troubles, and physical illnesses. In fact, physical issues could be the body’s way of conveying messages to our conscious selves.

In “Knowing ourselves” by Joman Romero, it is suggested that health is not static but a dynamic process achieved by communicating effectively with ourselves and monitoring our thoughts and emotions. Disease, on the other hand, arises from losing touch with our emotions and life purpose, being unable to express ourselves, and feeling disconnected from the world, others, and God.

Therefore, according to QHHT, the human being is the one who is ill, not the body. Loss of harmony in consciousness is the single disease of humanity. QHHT facilitates communication with an individual’s subconscious, which can provide answers to questions and prompt instantaneous healing when appropriate. By identifying the message to the body and receiving correcting beliefs, spontaneous healing can occur for anyone seeking truth about themselves. In some cases the SB will recommend ways to heal as being sick is a pre-planned decision before you incarnate to either teach you something to pay off a karmic debt, therefore it can only be healed by you.

Typically, a 1:1 past life regression session lasts between 5 to 6 hours, although it can sometimes take even longer or shorter. It’s important to set aside the entire day for the session and avoid any plans afterwards, allowing ample time to process and integrate the experience.

Right now as I’m getting started I’d prefer to come to your place. Where we just need a couch or bed. If that is not possible it could be done at my house.

  • Expand your consciouness
  • Gain certainly about your life’s path
  • Find your life purpose
  • Get clarity about a life situation or relationship
  • Reconnect with your creative flow
  • Learn life lessons
  • Get guidance about a choices you have to make
  • Receive answers and healing regarding your physical, emotional and psychological health
  • Release stuck emotions, energy blocks, karma, old patterns or limiting beliefs
  • Process and overcome trauma
  • Find peace from stress, burnout, addiction, depression and anxiety
  • Increase your sense of joy, self-acceptance and self-love

Frequently, during past life regression sessions, clients recognize individuals from their present life. In many cases, the context of past-life events can provide a valuable explanation for present-day relationships. This newfound understanding can offer deep insights and bring about a sense of inner peace.

I live in Langley, BC Canada so I service the whole province.

Hypnosis is a secure and peaceful experience, where you remain in control of yourself throughout the session. I am used as a guided meditation with induction techniques to help you calm your mind and relax. As your brain waves slow down, a connection with your higher self is established, and you will feel like you are in a deep meditative state, with heightened focus. You can comfortably talk about your past lives, knowing that you are safe to experience it.

During the session, I will facilitate by asking you questions to guide you through the process. When it ends, you will be gently brought back to your conscious state. The regression will be recorded, and you will receive a copy for your own use.

Contrary to popular belief, the hypnosis used in stage performances where people lose control is very different from the QHHT technique I use. During a QHHT session, you maintain complete control and have the ability to filter what you say. The hypnotic state induced is similar to the trance-like state you enter into many times throughout the day, such as when you’re engrossed in your phone, driving, or watching TV. In these moments, your attention is fully focused on the task at hand, causing you to tune out other stimuli, which is what characterizes a hypnotic state.

I strongly believe it can be done, I successfully cured some but it comes back eventually making me realize for covid-19 sessions you wil; require several at the time of writing this. Until I have more clients to test removing it on, I can’t say 100% it is possible yet. But am very committed to creating a solution to a full recovery.

  • Current life traumas, including prenatal and birth traumas
  • Past life unresolved traumas
  • Past life unfinished business
  • Soul fragmentation and soul loss
  • Spirit attachments

Are you ready to travel through time and find the answers to your questions?

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